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If you're looking for a great selection of competitively priced fusion splicers you're in the right place. Here at Fusion Splicer Supply you'll find an extensive selection of new and used fusion splicing equipment and accessories from industry leading manufacturers including Fujikura, Sumitomo Electric, Fitel, Ericsson and Corning Cable Systems. Choose from an impressive range of equipment that covers everything from single fiber splicers to mass fusion splicers and ribbon fusion splicers capable of splicing multiple optical fibers simultaneously. In addition we offer numerous portable handheld splicers which are perfect for field work and splicing in tight spaces. Browse our site to find the exact brand and model of fusion splicer you need to make your job easier. With such a wide selection of equipment to choose from we're certain you'll find one that meets your requirements and that fits your budget.

Before you pay too much for new fiber optic cable splicing equipment or rent and pay expensive rental charges let us show you how much money we can save you on new and used fusion splicers and other fiberoptic repair equipment. Explore our site and check out the wide variety of new and used splicing equipment and other tools that you'll find available for sale at exceptionally competitive prices. We're confident that you won't find lower discount prices or a better selection of fusion splicers and other fiberoptic maintenance equipment anywhere else because our partnership with eBay enables us to provide you with the most well organized selection of affordably priced tools that you'll find anywhere online. If you don't see the model of splicer that you need perform a search to view all available inventory and find exactly what you're looking for.

Fitel S123C Fusion Splicer Includes Precision Fiber Cleaver Splice Count 0


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Fujikura FSM-30R Arc Fusion Splicer Total Arc Count: 1671


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Fitel S182A Fusion Splicer includes fiberholder set TO LOWER 48


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Corning Siecor RXS FuseLite Splicer Fiber OpticTermination includes Case


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Siecor Fusion Splicer M 90


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Sumitomo Type-25 QMS-02 Fusion Splicer Includes Fiber Cleaver Splice Count 397


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AFL Fujikura FSM-60S Core Alignment Fusion Splicer, Includes CT-30, 26,000 Arc Count


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Fujikura FSM-30R Arc Fusion Splicer Total Arc Count: 2235


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Fujikura 70R Fusion Splicer, Includes Leviton Cleaver CAT-49800-MSK, 460 Arc Count


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Ilsintech core fusion splicer full Complete Package cleaver


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Siecor M90 Corning 6000 Optic Fiber Fusion Splicer Ver. 7.704


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Fujikura FSM-60S Fusion Splicer Includes Precision Fiber Cleaver Splice Count 16,501


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SUMITOMO Type-71M12 Fibre Ribbon Splicer FC-6RM Cleaver TOTAL ARC929 Type-71 M12


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INNO Arc Fusion Splicer View 1


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